The dialogue process on vigilantism between the two major political parties has been finalised as the National Peace Council engaged these parties and some responsible stakeholders at the Peduase Lodge in the Eastern Region on the 21st of November, 2019.

The dialogue which was necessitated by the President of the Republic focused on comprehensive deliberations on the roadmap for the eradication of political vigilantism in Ghana and as well as present the Draft Code of Conduct to the NPP, NDC and the Council’s stakeholders.

The Council is optimistic that  their efforts with the support of the NDC, NPP and its stakeholders will go a long way to ensure public confidence in the elections and the country’s electoral institutions.

The Chairman of the National Peace Council, Most Rev. Prof Emmanuel Asante, in his welcome statement highlighted how vigilante groups may forever bring fear, anger, anguish and hatred to a number of people who may have suffered from actions of these groups in the country.

Following the dialogues, a roadmap that made key recommendations to Governments, to Political Parties, to the Electoral Commission, to the Civil Society , to the Ghana Police to be implemented. The National Peace council will follow up on the following

                1.            Engage the institutions listed to design their implementation plans for realising the recommendations assigned to their institutions

                2.            Carry out advocacy on the roadmap and the code of conduct as well as the vigilantism and related offence Act . Act 999 in a Nationwide Campaign to get the participation and the involvement of all citizens to ensure the total eradication of the vigilantism.

“The National Peace Council remains open to any additional roles it can play in furtherance of its mandate to facilitate and develop mechanisms to build sustainable peace in the country.”

The Chairman said this while giving his closing remarks The dialogue came to a climax with the chairman entreating the media to always remain circumspect in their reportage.