The National Peace Council (NPC) in collaboration with the UNDP and WANEP has provided an insider mediation facility to the National Democratic Congress. The event was held on September 3 & 4 at the Eusbette hotel in Sunyani. In attendance was some selected key officials of the NDC.

The aim of the facility was to facilitate dialogue processes that will not only allow the party (NDC) to resolve their differences but also strengthen existing conflict resolution structures within the party.

The process, in addition to enhancing the conflict resolution efforts within the party will also enhance skills in identifying early warning signs of conflict.

The facility would further enable the party to deploy mediation, negotiations and dialogue as a veritable conflict resolution instrument and position the party for a violence free political environment that will contribute to consolidating peace during the 2020 elections and beyond.

The facility would further be extended to other political parties in the country.