The National Peace Council (NPC) engaged the Trades Union Congress-Ghana (TUC) at their 3rd Biannual General Council Meeting on Wednesday 29th June 2022. The goal of the activity was to contribute to peace in Ghana by projecting the functions and work of the NPC, and make the National Peace Council more accessible to the general public in order to be able to work effectively for sustainable peace in Ghana. The TUC as an organization comprises of Twenty-Two (22) unions including transportation unions and various other worker unions. The General Council comprises of the chairpersons and secretaries of all the twenty-two unions, including some regional TUC leaders. Engaging them, therefore, was a strategic move that allows the NPC to reach out to a lot more Ghanaians. At this particular meeting, the NPC engaged about One Hundred (100) members of the TUC. The engagement was interactive, focusing on how the NPC and the TUC could work together to sustain peace in Ghana. It comprised of a PowerPoint presentation on the events that led to the establishment of the NPC, the legal foundations of the NPC, and the roles of the NPC. After the presentation there was a Question-and-Answer session.