Inauguration of Four Regional Peace Councils

The creation of new regions by the government in 2018 necessitated the opening and operationalization of additional regional offices by the NPC to build sustainable peace in these regions. Act 818 mandates the NPC to set up Regional and District Peace Councils whose composition will be similar to that of the National Governing Board.

In view of the above and as part of its mandate to prevent, manage, resolve conflict, and build sustainable peace in Ghana, the National Peace Council inaugurated four regional peace councils namely; Oti Regional Peace Council (ORPC), Northeast Regional Peace Council (NERPC), Bono East Regional Peace Council (BERPC) and Western North Regional Peace Council (WNRPC) in May 2023. Each of these councils had 13 eminent members except for the Northeast Regional Peace Council where a nominee appointed by the Regional House of Chiefs withdrew. Members took the official oath, oath of allegiance and oath of secrecy and ended the session of the National Anthem of Ghana to affirm their oaths. Each region elected their chairpersons in a closed-door meeting and had brief orientation sessions. They were taken through the National Peace Council Act, Vigilantism and Related Offences Act, Doing Mediation/ Alternative Dispute Resolution, and the prevention of violent extremism in Ghana.  In all, 8 (16%) out of the total of 51 members who were inaugurated were females while 43 (86%) were males.

The National Peace Council (NPC) expresses gratitude to Dr. Angela Lusigi, Resident Representative, United National Development Programme (UNDP) for her incomparable support towards the implementation of this programme. Again, the NPC is grateful to Rev Dr Ernest Adu Gyamfi, Chairman of the Governing Board of the National Peace Council; Sheikh Salman Alhassan Mohammed and Numo Blafo Akotia III, both Governing Board Members and George Amoh, Executive Secretary of the National Peace Council for their meaning cooperation and participation in the programme.