Aug. 07, GNA — Students have been advised to eschew bullying and other violent acts and live peacefully with everyone.

Mrs Janet Sarney-Kuma, Director Capacity Development and Outreach, National Peace Council (NPC), who gave the advice during a Senior High School outreach programme in Accra, said such acts attracted several consequences, including imprisonment.

She said in an engagement with students at the Osu Presbyterian Senior High School (SHS) on Monday.

She explained that bullying could take physical, psychological, or sexual forms and was characterised by repeated and intentional aggression toward another person.

Mrs Sarney-Kuma also explained that tolerance involved one’s ability to exercise fair and objective attitudes towards another person’s opinions or behaviour.

She said due to the differences in socio-cultural, political, and religious backgrounds, disagreements were often bound to happen, however, they should endeavor to be kind, tolerant and accommodating.

Mrs Sarney-Kuma said conflicts usually happened when people felt marginalised in society and added that disagreements, if not handled properly could lead to disputes, escalate into conflicts and even wars.

She expressed worry over Ghana’s drop on the Global Peace Index from the second most peaceful country in Africa to the fourth and urged the students to be peace ambassadors and help to make Ghana more peaceful.

“Without peace, nobody can survive and enjoy the good things that life brings. Together, we can make Ghana a more peaceful country than we came to meet it,” she said.

Mr Moses Abotsi, Assistant Headmaster, Osu Presby SHS, thanked the NPC for the engagement and asked them to make it a routine.

He urged the students to take the lessons seriously because such information could add up to their store of knowledge and help them during examinations.

Mr Abotsi advised them to apply themselves to their books, shun bad company and social vices so that they could become responsible adults.

“The rich information you have received today cannot be found in any textbook so, take it seriously or else you will be on the path of doom. Whatever you do, you will reap it. Misbehaviour is a career of doom and leads to destruction,” he said.

Miss Daniella Ahenakwa, a final year Home Economics student and the outgoing Chapel Prefect of the School, said through the engagement, she had come to better understand and appreciate the concept of peace building, peaceful co-existence and tolerance. “Today, I learnt about peace building and how we should tolerate each other in our societies, schools and everywhere we find ourselves. I advise my colleagues and every other person to promote peaceful co-existence and be tolerant of each other,” she said.

Princess Efua Ayeh, a General Arts student and Jennifer Abugri, a Business student, both said with the knowledge received from the engagement, they would help to resolve disputes among students in the School.