National Peace Council Champions Religious Tolerance in Schools

The National Peace Council (NPC), with the support of the Conference of Managers of Educational Unit (COMEU), has developed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to promote religious tolerance in Ghanaian schools. This initiative, which began with discussions in 2015 about the wearing of Hijab and continued in 2021 with concerns about Muslim students fasting in Christian/mission schools, aims to create safe, inclusive, and respectful learning environments. The MOU provides guidelines for preventing religious discrimination and enhancing social cohesion, focusing on promoting safe school environments, unity, and acceptance of diversity.

The MOU was recently presented to the Ghana Education Service by a delegation from the NPC and COMEU, highlighting the commitment to fostering a peaceful and inclusive society through education. By implementing these guidelines, the NPC envisions schools becoming places where all students can thrive regardless of their religious beliefs, thereby contributing to national peace and unity.