Strengthening Collaborative Efforts: National Peace Council Hosts Delegation from International Republican Institute.

The National Peace Council recently welcomed a distinguished delegation from the International Republican Institute (IRI) Ghana office, led by Mr. William Meeker, Senior Director for Africa. The visit aimed to strengthen ties between the two organizations and explore avenues for collaboration ahead of the 2024 general elections. During the visit, discussions centered on leveraging collective expertise to support electoral processes, foster inter-party dialogue, and promote electoral reforms aimed at enhancing transparency and inclusivity.

The IRI delegation, represented by Mr. Sunday Afolabi Alao, Resident Programs Director, and Ms. Linda Egyir-Quainoo, Communications/Media Specialist, engaged in fruitful dialogue with the NPC. Both parties expressed their commitment to working together to uphold the integrity of Ghana’s electoral processes and ensure peaceful democratic transitions. The NPC appreciated the significance of collaborating with esteemed partners like the IRI in advancing peace, stability, and democratic governance in Ghana.

As Ghana prepares for the upcoming elections, the NPC reaffirms its dedication to promoting dialogue, understanding, and peaceful coexistence among all stakeholders. Through strategic partnerships with organizations like the IRI, the NPC aims to contribute meaningfully to the consolidation of democratic gains and the maintenance of peace and stability. Follow the NPC’s website and social media channels for updates on collaborative initiatives aimed at safeguarding democracy and promoting peaceful elections in Ghana.