NPC engages Youth Leaders Fellowship
On the morning of Friday, June 21st, the Executive Secretary of the National Peace Council, Mr. George Amoh, graced the UNFPA with his presence, engaging in an insightful session with the Youth Leaders (YoLe) Fellowship Cohort 5. This session aimed to share his life experiences, provide invaluable advice, and motivate the vibrant young leaders in attendance.
The YoLe Fellowship is a prestigious program that identifies and nurtures young, innovative change-makers who are graduates of Ghanaian tertiary institutions. These exceptional individuals positively impact their communities and are committed to creating meaningful change. These fellows undergo intensive learning and skills-building for a year, preparing them to embark on various academic, entrepreneurial, and professional endeavours.
Mr. Amoh’s session was a highlight of the fellowship program. His inspiring journey and dedication to peace and national development resonated deeply with the fellows. He offered practical advice, shared personal anecdotes, and provided encouragement that left a lasting impression on everyone present. His ability to connect with the young leaders and address their concerns with precision and empathy was particularly commendable.
Mr. Amoh’s engagement was a testament to the value of mentorship and the power of shared experiences. His participation motivated the fellows and reinforced the importance of leadership, resilience, and continuous learning in their journey towards making a significant impact in their communities and beyond.