To achieve its objectives, the Council shall

  • Harmonise and co-ordinate conflict prevention, management, resolution and build sustainable peace through net-working and co-ordination.
  • Strengthen capacities for conflict prevention, management, resolution and sustainable peace in the country including but not limited to chiefs, women, youth groups and community organization.
  • Increase awareness on the use of non-violent strategies to prevent, manage and resolve conflict and build sustainable peace in the country.
  • Facilitate the amicable resolution of conflict through mediation and other processes including indigenous mechanisms for conflict resolution and peace building.
  • Promote understanding of the values of diversity, trust, tolerance, confidence building, negotiation, mediation, dialogue and reconciliation.
  • Co-ordinate and supervise the work of the Regional and District Peace Councils.
  • Facilitate the implementation of agreements and resolutions reached between parties in conflict.
  • Make recommendations to the Government and other stake-holders on actions to promote trust and confidence between and among group.
  • Perform any other function which is ancillary to its object.