Council ChairmanRev. Fr. Lazarus Zeledeme Annyereh

Savannah Regional Peace Council

The Savannah Region is bordered on the North by the Upper West region, on the West by the Ghana-Côte d’Ivoire  and Burkina Faso international borders, on the South by the Bono and Bono East regions, and on the East by the North East and Northern regions.

Savannah region is made up of seven (7) districts with Damongo as the Regional Capital and the seat of the King of Gonja land (Yagbonwura).

With regard to traditional governance, the Region is made up of about nineteen (19) traditional areas. The dominant ethnic group is the Gonjas with over twenty-three other minority ethnic groups such as the Vaglas, Brifos, Tampulmas, Mamprusis, Kamaras, Mo, Banda, Dagaaba among others.

In terms of peace and security, the Region is relatively peaceful and stable. However, there are many unresolved and partially resolved social conflicts including chieftaincy succession conflicts and land conflicts which have prompted localised violence in some communities in the region. Some are typically non-violent but the likelihood for violence developing is greater in parts of the region. There are other security challenges which include Herders-Farmers conflicts, wide spread illegal mining organised crime and mob justices, kidnapping and killing of Fulbe, Murder, Armed robbery, and the threat of infiltration of violent extremism through the porous borders in the region especially around Saru and Kalba areas bordering Burkina Faso and Dollar Power, Ntereso, Chache and Nsunia bordering Côte d’Ivoire.

In terms of resilience and dynamism, the Region has the potential to grow and develop in the area of Agriculture, trade and industry, education and health. There are also vibrant bodies, structures and individuals working diligently to promote peace and security.

Regional Executive Secretary

Clifford Ang-yinaang Tampuori holds Master of Arts Degree in Democracy, Governance, Law and Development and a Bachelor of Education (B.ed) Degree in Psychology all from the University of Cape Coast. He has several professional development educations in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Peace and conflict studies. Specifically, he has certificate in Conflict Analysis and Mediation from Kofi Annan Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC), certificate in Dialogue, Mediation and Negotiation from the Commonwealth and certificates in Conflict Resolution and Arbitration from Marian Conflict Resolution Centre, Catholic University College of Ghana

Between 2013 and 2020 he worked with Nadowli-Kaleo District Peace Council as District Executive Secretary. He worked with Legal Aid Scheme as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Officer and Ascertainment of Customary Law Project (ACLP), GTZ sponsored project coordinated by the National House Chiefs (NHC) and Law Reform Commission (LRC) as a Regional Research Coordinator. He taught in several schools in the Upper West Region rising to become an Assistant Director II.

Supporting Staff