The Chairman

Most. Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante

The Most Rev Professor Emmanuel Asante is the Chairman of the National Peace Council of Ghana and also the former Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church.

The National Peace Council Board of which Most Rev. Prof Asante chairs, consist of a thirteen eminent members who are carefully chosen by their respective institutions to represent them on the National Peace Council. He is currently serving his second term on the Board

Most Rev. Professor Emmanuel Asante is an ardent advocate for Peace; his vision of a peaceful nation is built on core democratic values and characterized by his commitment to ensuring that Ghana is a model of a peaceful nation in Africa where people can engage in their lawful activities confident that the institutions, mechanisms and capacities for mediating differences and grievance are effective and responsive.

Most Rev. Asante has articulated his vision of peace for Ghana on different platforms in Ghana and in the international circles. He is an ardent advocate of social justice, inclusiveness, tolerance, dialogue and consensus building.