Council ChairmanVenerable Dr. Moses Z. Banungwiiri

Upper West Regional Peace Council

The Upper West Region, was the youngest of the ten regions of Ghana, it was carved out of the former Upper Region in 1983 with the view to accelerating development of the said area since it is quite remote from Bolgatanga, the regional capital of the former Upper Region. The region is located in the north-western corner of Ghana. To the south, the region shares borders with the Savanah Region. To the east it shares borders with the Upper East Region and to the north and west, it is bordered by Burkina Faso. The Black Volta forms a natural boundary in the west between the region and Burkina Faso.

The region is divided into eleven (11) administrative districts, thus Wa Municipal, Wa East District, Nadowli/Kaleo District, Jirapa Municipal, Lambusie District, Lawra, Nandom municipal, Sissala West District, Sissala East Municipal, Wa West and Daffiama/Bussie/Issa Districts. In the traditional administrative system, each community has its Chief (Naa or Kuoro) with their councils. The chiefs are therefore placed under paramountcy. The region is made of 32 paramountcy with its apex being the Regional House of Chiefs. Socially, the region is made of three major ethnic groups – Waala, Dagaaba and Sissala – with the predominant religions being Christianity, Islam and Traditional religion. The upper west region is relatively calm. It has been the most peaceful region in Ghana but all the same, the region do experience conflicts such as chieftaincy succession disputes, land and natural resources disputes, religious disputes, and political disputes.

The National Peace Council established by Act, 2011(Act 818) led to the opening of the Regional Peace Council office in the region on September 2013. The Regional Peace Council is mandated to develop mechanisms that will bring sustainable peace in the region. The council is made up of thirteen (13) eminent members who are drawn from the Catholic Bishops Conference, Pentecostal Council, Christian Council, National Council for Charismatic Churches, Ahmadiyya Mission, Al-sunnah/Tijaniya, Orthodox Muslims, two representatives from the Regional Coordinating Council, Two other nominees by Identifiable Groups and one representative from the Regional House of Chiefs.  The chairman is elected by members on their maiden meeting. The current chairman for the council is Rev. Dr. Aloysius Nuolabong. The council is made up of three committees – the Mediation Committee, Education Committee and Welfare and Fund-Raising Committee. Regular Council meetings are organised quarterly and emergency meetings as and when the need arises.

The day-to-day running of the council’s activities is the responsibility of the Regional Secretariat headed by the Regional Executive Secretary – Mr. Emmanuel Danyomah. For the past 25 years, Mr. Danyomah has been working in the peace field. A graduate from the University of Ghana – Business School. He has two post graduate degrees in Theology and Development at Catholic University of Louven in Belgium and Peace and Development Studies at University for Development Studies – Ghana. He is a teacher, a trainer and a mediator. The Regional Executive Secretary is supported by other staff including a Program Manager at the regional secretariat, Aa-enir Saanuo Raymond and a Program Manager at the Nadowli/Kaleo District Guo Adelbert

Regional Executive Secretary

Mr. Emmanuel Danyomah is the current Regional Executive Secretary of the Regional Peace Council in the Upper West Region, For the past 23 years, Mr. Danyomah has been working in the peace field, I am one of the pioneers of the Northern Peace Project that gave birth to CECOTAPS in Damongo were I had my professional four years training in peace and conflict resolution (1999-2004). I also had 40 credit hours training in Mediation, conflict resolution and clinical counseling in Romania- International Committee For Alderian Summer School and Institutes (ICASSI) . I am a graduate from the University of Ghana – Business School, and also hold two post graduate degrees in Theology and Development at the Catholic University of Louven in Belgium and Peace and Development Studies at the University for Development Studies – Ghana. I am a trained teacher, a peace facilitator, and a mediator. In my working life: I was then the regional secretary for the Upper East Regional Peace Advisory Council formed by UNDP which gave birth to the Regional Peace Councils (2007/9), Assistant Administrator- Satellite Peace Center (2005), a district community facilitator-CLUSTL/GAIT a USA based Non-Governmental Organization, the Upper East Regional Coordinator for National Election Monitoring and Observation Process in Ghana for 2000/2004/2008 general elections, and a Diocesan Water Project Officer (1999-2002).

As the regional executive secretary of the Upper West Regional Peace Council, I chalked a number of successes including the following:

Successfully mediated the Nandom Chieftaincy dispute leading the successful enskinment of the new Nandom Naa.

Mediated and completely resolved the Upper West Regional Chief Imam installation dispute.

Mediated the Nanvili-Takpo land dispute.

Prepared a conflict desk of the region that paved way for proactive dispute resolution to avoid escalation into violent conflicts.

Successfully mediated the Buwaa (Zini) paramount chieftaincy dispute leading to the enskinment of the current Buwaa (Zini) Kuoro.Continued the mediation of the Pulima Chieftaincy enskinment conflicts to reduce tensions and pave way for people to go about their daily activities without fear.

Trained religious leaders and media practitioners on violent extremism with a successful dialogue sessions held to assess adherence to Prevention of Violent Extremism in their daily activities.


Supporting Staff