The Right to Information (RTI) Bill, which was established in the 1992 constitution of Ghana, guarantees every person the right to information to a certain category of information to hold the government accountable. In view of this, Parliament passed the Right to Information ACT, 2019 (Act 989) which His Excellency, the President of Ghana, assented to on 21st May, 2019.

The RTI Act (Act 989) seeks to lay down systems and procedures for ensuring access to information to every person, from government agencies as well as NGOs, which are publicly funded.

Against this background, the ministry of information has delegated ‘trained information officers’ to be stationed at the National Peace Council (NPC) to process all applications for access to information.

The NPC is therefore positioned to accept and process all applications for information, subject to the exemptions that are necessary and consistent with the protection of public interest in a democratic society.

In compliance with this law, an RTI desk, located at the Reception and within the Public Relations Department of NPC, is operational and MRS. Faith Junko Edison has been assigned as the Designated RTI Officer. In addition, a trained Information Officer from the Ministry of Information in the person of Miss Lenunsia Ernestina Boateng also supports in this regard.

For further enquires kindly contact us on: rti@peacecouncil.gov.gh, Tel: 0302919308


Exempt Information for Right to Information Act

The Right to information is not absolute. It is subject to exemptions stated under the Act.

  1. Information for the President and Vice President – S.5
  2. Information Relating to Cabinet – S.6
  3. Information Relating to Law Enforcement and Public Safety – S.7
  4. Information Affecting International Relations – S.8
  5. Information that affects the security of the state – S.9
  6. Economic and any other interests – S.10
  7. Economic Information of Third Parties – S.11
  8. Information Relating to Tax – S.12
  9. Internal Working Information of Public Institutions – S.13
  10. Parliament Privilege, fair trial, contempt of court – S.14
  11. Privileged Information – S.15
  12. Disclosure of Personal Matters – S.16
  13. Disclosure for the protection of public interest – S.17


Address: P. O. Box M42, Accra

RTI Secretariat,

National Peace Council


Seventh Ringway Estates – Osu

Contact: +233 302919308