Short Profile of Regional Executive Secretary

Mr. Atta Peter Agboso

Mr. Atta Peter Agboso is a field practitioner and works with the National Peace Council in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Peter works in enhancing strategic skills for effective regional led designed action in unearthing underlying root causes of, and emerging trajectories of violent conflicts while finding sustainable ways of resolving them; where the generality of the ‘population’ works out ways of harnessing the creative imagination of everyone in envisaging a positive future devoid of violence and ways of realizing that future.

Bro. Peter has certificates in Conflict Transformation (World Learning, USA), Civil Society Initiative in Peace Building, (SIT – USA) and Mediation and Facilitation (Statchlaining, Austria) Bro. Peter works with Niels Gadzekpo as the Regional Administrator.  

Activities undertaken includes: Capacity building for organizations, awareness creation for students and training for Civil Society Organizations for conflict prevention, management and resolution.

Dr. Tsum-Bah creating Awareness in Schools
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